Introvert’s Dilemma


When I decided to start writing full-time, I was under the impression that I would turn into a reclusive author. I had visions of holing up in the house as a snowstorm raged outside, typing away on book after book, a dog curled up nearby, and a hot cup of coffee in easy reach. Too soon, I was disabused of these notions as I learned that writers must engage in an obscene amount of marketing, so that a book will find its audience. To me, this seemed a damned shame, since my basic nature seemed to align so well with the fantasy aspects of being a cloistered writer.

I am a militant introvert and I am uncomfortable participating in acts of self-promotion. There, I said it. In a world dominated by Kardashians and selfies, I prefer to fly below the radar. But even more than narcissism, the world is loaded with irony. So, here we both are, either writing or reading a blog established for the express purpose of reaching out to the hordes of enthusiastic readers of Soul Search (and upcoming sequels to this book), but improbably dedicated to the topic of introversion.

This blog will be my tribute to the art of introversion. In addition to educating extroverts on safe practices when approaching introverts in the wild, I’ll also focus on the fruits of introversion. Specifically, all the stuff we are able to learn when we redirect our time from seeking the world’s attention to hunting down bizarre or useful bits of information.

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Introvert’s Dilemma

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