Introverts and Ancestors On All Hallows’ Eve


All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain or Halloween…take your choice. This day and this season mark a liminal time, when the veil between this world and the next grows thin. While restless spirits from history are routine inhabitants of Fia’s world in Soul Search and Soul Scent, for us, it is only on this one night of the year that the souls of the ancestors are said to revisit their homes seeking hospitality.

As an introvert, I generally have enough on my plate at this time of year, mentally rehearsing responses to extant relatives who will show up during the upcoming holiday season. Now, consider having to defend your religious views (or lack thereof) and your political leanings to someone removed from you by not just one generation, but maybe multiple human life cycles. The generation gap could become a generation (grand) canyon. Continue reading “Introverts and Ancestors On All Hallows’ Eve”

Introverts and Ancestors On All Hallows’ Eve

Two-sentence Horror Story by the Introvert


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Liquid Friday with author Reyna Favis

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This week we are featuring  fantasy/supernatural suspense  author Reyna Favis and her novel Soul Scent: A Zackie Story.

But before we venture into the Halloween spirit of her supernatural world, lets enjoy a drink that Reyna personally recommends:

The Drink:  Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

I first encountered this drink reading Douglas Adams’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and I was smitten. It was described as “like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped ’round a large gold brick.” It has also been described in the novel as “the alcoholic equivalent to a mugging; expensive and bad for the head.” Yum.

Ingredients and Instructions:

Fill a 28-oz. hurricane glass with crushed ice. Add the following in order:

1 oz. Everclear® (The ice should sizzle.)

1 oz. Bacardi® 151

1 oz. apricot-flavored brandy

1 oz. triple sec

1 oz. lemon juice

1 oz. orange…

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Liquid Friday with author Reyna Favis

The Introvert “On Living”


Kerry Egan, author of On Living, is a Harvard Divinity School-educated hospice chaplain. When one of her patients asked if she could tell the patient’s story, so that others could learn from her life, Egan carefully considered the consequences of taking on such a project. For hospice patients, this was the final gift that these people could leave behind as they departed this life, so the responsibility of getting their stories right weighed heavily. Continue reading “The Introvert “On Living””

The Introvert “On Living”