Readying for the New Year Introvert-Style

2018 arrives

Is it 2018 already? I am behind on my writing…

To ready myself for the New Year’s Eve festivities and to prepare for writing the Scotland portion of the story in the upcoming Zackie Story, SOUL SIGN, I’ve been studying RBN Bookmark’s guest¬†post.¬† To quote RBN: “… the further north you travel it seems the wiser people become, so it`ll come as no surprise when I say the Scots are undoubtedly amongst the wisest in the British Isles.” And despite cultivating a reputation for being aloof and dour, a recent culture map created by Cambridge University describe Scots as being extraverted. But heck, no one is perfect.

Hogmanay is the Scots word for the last day of the year. Continue reading “Readying for the New Year Introvert-Style”

Readying for the New Year Introvert-Style