Introvert Asks: Exorcism — Is There an App For That?


It’s finally happened—the Rite of Exorcism is now only a phone call away. Continue reading “Introvert Asks: Exorcism — Is There an App For That?”

Introvert Asks: Exorcism — Is There an App For That?

Publisher’s Weekly / BookLife Review of SOUL SEARCH

After a competitive process to get this review and after a long, long wait — the Publishers Weekly/BookLife review for SOUL SEARCH is finally published. “Favis handles the paranormal aspects with aplomb…Readers will look forward to the soul-saving trio’s further adventures.”

Publisher’s Weekly / BookLife Review of SOUL SEARCH

SOUL SCENT Book Trailer

HUZZAH!  For your viewing pleasure, using an excerpt from the story, a new SOUL SCENT book trailer has just been released. Why was an infant abandoned in an old churchyard?

From the back cover:

Troubled psychic Fia leads a double life. As a ground pounder for Search And Rescue, she finds the lost and vulnerable living and brings them to safety. As a servant to an ancient and indifferent Psychopomp, her mission is no less crucial – to help the suffering dead cross over to the afterlife. Her worlds collide after a distraught woman with a gun disappears into the woods and the rescue becomes a body recovery.

When a frantic hammering erupts from the empty SAR team trailer, Fia appeals for help to Cam, irascible Brit, mentor and Psychopomp aficionado. But nothing is what it seems and a straightforward case soon goes sideways. Will Fia and Cam be able to uncover the shocking truth behind the final act of a desperate woman and free her tortured earthbound spirit?

The second novel of the ZACKIE STORIES.

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SOUL SCENT Book Trailer