Introvert Sleuths Halloween Mystery

The last known point for the subject was under a tree. A piece of tissue, melting in the morning dew, would be used as the scent article. It was a good assumption that this was something the subject might have touched.

I threw the harness down near the fragile scent article and let the K9 circle the area on the 30-foot lead to learn what scents were in the vicinity. After slipping the harness over her head and buckling it securely around her deep chest, I switched the lead from her choke to the harness. I gave her the commands to take scent and then to get on trail.

The K9 moved decisively across the lawn and to the sidewalk. The trail was fairly old, probably about 12 hours , but the cool, humid conditions were great for working scent.

We went up the block, passing several houses. She showed no interest, keeping her nose down and giving no head indications. After continuing past a few more houses, the K9 attempted to enter a driveway. I held her back. She glanced over her shoulder at me, clearly unhappy that I would not let her continue. Yup, I thought.

Working her way past the driveway, she next attempted to follow the walk to the front door of the house. Gotcha.

Expert tip: Don’t TP the house where the search dog lives. 

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Image by my crappy little flip phone

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Introvert Sleuths Halloween Mystery