Introvert Announces SOUL SEARCH Audiobook — available on Audible

An audiobook of SOUL SEARCH is available from Audible.

Voice artist Eleanor Caudill produced the SOUL SEARCH audiobook. With her permission, I’m attaching the 3 scene audition. Scene 1 is Fia learning about the Psychopomp from Cam; Scene 2 is Fia meeting Parmelia and Bodean in the hills of Appalachia; Scene 3 is a tense moment between Fia and Hannah in the hospital.

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Soul SearchSoul Scent, and Soul Sign, novels of supernatural suspense, have been described as Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas meets Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse. Readers have praised these novels for the very human stories behind the hauntings that create unexpected plot twists, drama, and even moments of humor. The Zackie Stories are available for purchase on Amazon and are free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Introvert Announces SOUL SEARCH Audiobook — available on Audible

2 thoughts on “Introvert Announces SOUL SEARCH Audiobook — available on Audible

  1. leekliman says:

    Hi Reyna,

    Although this is not my type of reading I think it is fabulous to allow your sight impaired followers to have the opportunity read your books. Hopefully, Amazon will go along with Eleanor and you. Maybe one day you’ll write a “Bunny” book and have it on video.

    In the meantime Lee and I send our love to the two of you.



    1. Love to you both! Besides sight-impaired, lots of other folks seem to like an audio format for books — during exercise, cleaning house, cooking, long drives, etc. — pretty much any time a little entertainment is desired, but it’s not possible to read. I’ll put some thought into what a “Bunny” book might be. 😉


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