Book review: Two Bluestockings on the SOUL SEARCH audiobook

Two Bluestockings is an amazing book review podcast. Three friends get together to talk about books. Two read (Aarika and Jayna a.k.a. The Two Bluestockings) and one does not (His name is Chad, and he calls himself: The Awkward Red Sock). Together, they drink wine and discuss psychology, symbolism, maddening endings, and the possibility of being crushed by their TBR piles.

These folks were kind enough to review the new audiobook for SOUL SEARCH. I received an email from Jayna just before the review went live and I’ll treasure these words forever. Below is an excerpt:

<< One of my favorite shows to watch is Britain’s Got Talent and its American version. There’s a moment in the show, when Simon is obviously bored with the mediocrity. Then, someone starts to sing. His head comes up, and his eyes say “This is it. This is what I was looking for.” Your book got that reaction from me.

I have been reading books for a long time. To the point that Aarika says I’m hard on everybody. Nobody gets five stars for fiction. Ever. Even my favorite authors. There’s always a minor detail or something that loses a star. You are the first five star fiction review that I have given for this podcast, and you absolutely deserve it. Your writing is phenomenal–to the point that I am sharing it with my friends and bringing it up in conversations. I can’t wait to read the rest of your work. >>

Please visit the Two Bluestockings site for the full review.

Book review: Two Bluestockings on the SOUL SEARCH audiobook

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