Introvert Reveals What Really Goes on During Search and Rescue Training

 So…. this was SAR training one night. I’m in the white helmet.  It looks like we’re diligently practicing splinting an injury, but….

Instructor: Here’s your scenario. The subject fell on rocks and ripped off their knee cap. He can’t walk out. What do you do? 

Me: I guess I’d use a SAM splint to stabilize the knee and call for a carry out. 

Instructor: Good. Go ahead and do that. How would you mold the splint?

Me: Um, using two splints, I’d—

Instructor: Did you know your dog chewed on your helmet? [Picks at edge of helmet near my ear] 

Me: ????

Me: [Feels along edge of helmet] Damn it…   

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Image credit: Misty Mott

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Introvert Reveals What Really Goes on During Search and Rescue Training

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