Book Club Guides for Introverts and Others


Hosting book clubs can be challenging, especially when you get past the general overview of the plot and characters. To help support those brave souls who organize book discussion events, two guides have been created for Soul Search and Soul Scent. The guides each contain twenty thought-provoking questions that will prompt readers to consider the “what if’s” and their personal take on the story’s events. Armed with copies of these guides, your book group discussion is sure to be a success.

Book Club Questions for Soul Search: A Zackie Story

Book Club Questions for Soul Scent: A Zackie Story

The original plan was to offer the guides for free, but unfortunately, Amazon will not allow me to provide the guides for less than $0.99 on their site. And it’s tough getting word out that these guides are available without the reach of the mighty Zon. Check my website for bonus book club questions. Also note that the guides are free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Book Club Guides for Introverts and Others