Introvert Reviews “Where the Lost Dogs Go”

The cover of Susannah Charleson’s new book “Where the Lost Dogs Go” says it is a story of love, search, and the power of reunion. What’s left out is that this is also a story of resilience.

It’s about the resilience of the lost animals who must survive in difficult and sometimes hostile environments. If they are granted a miracle and land a new home, they must now adapt to the foreign rhythms of a new family. The example of Ace in the story showed how he continued to feel the loss of his first family, even while finding his place in his new home.

The flip side of resilience in the canine-human bond are the pet owners who must manage the alternating feelings of uncertainty and dread. Pet owners must keep the faith and muster the stamina to continue searching, all while bombarded by the daily demands of life.

The book is also about the resilience of the author, who suffered three substantial losses while she wrote this book. Despite the pain of these losses, she continued to put one foot in front of the other, searching for the lost and helping others.

Susannah Charleson pours her heart into the pages as she describes stories from her childhood that explain why she is so drawn to helping animals. She offers detailed insight into how to search for a lost pet while she relates the story of Ace, a Maltese-Poodle cross. When we first meet Ace, he’s someone’s lost dog who wound up in a shelter in desperate shape. Under the author’s care, he gets his health and spirit back, and he eventually trains to find other missing pets as a MAR (Missing Animal Response) dog.

The story is beautifully written with great storytelling and moments of gentle humor. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves animals.

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Introvert Reviews “Where the Lost Dogs Go”

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