The Introvert’s Lame Superpower

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So, I’m entering this blog post in the Writing Contest: You Deserve to be Inspired, hosted by Positive Writer and I’m posting a bit early to give those folks time to process. Obviously, I’ve been asked to be inspiring, so I’d like to motivate you readers to work on your personal relationships and make them shine. To do this, I thought I’d elaborate on how I bulk up my relationships by using my lame superpower, touched on previously in Witchcraft, Corporate American and the Subverting Introvert. To recap, I have an almost supernatural ability to fix toilets.

I did not train to become good at this skill. It is something that developed organically, out of pure need and as a way to strengthen the relationships with the important people in my life. So, if you manage to wedge yourself into the short, introvert-limited list of people who really matter to me, you might be able to save on some plumbing bills.

Plumbing problems are rarely just isolated mechanical defects. Just as the best doctors treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms, a good plumber should come equipped with a Freudian understanding of deep psychological issues related to the plumbing deficit. I’ve come to realize that problems with the pipes are highly integrated with the emotional well-being of the homeowner.

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The Introvert’s Lame Superpower