Two-sentence Horror Story by the Introvert


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Soul Scent Available On Amazon

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Soul Scent is finally published. If you enjoy books about the supernatural, steeped in history, and offering a surprise at every turn, this book is for you. Available in softcover and eBook and free on Kindle Unlimited.


Soul Scent Available On Amazon

The Introvert and the Vampire Agenda


Remember when I broke my front teeth and considered joining a vampire coven? After reading Ancient Enemies, I have reconsidered this option because of the highly developed level of political intrigue running rampant in covens. If I ever become a vampire, I intend to fly solo to better soothe my introverted nature. I’m pretty sure Rich would be able to put up with the new lifestyle. He’s so far managed to accept the writer’s life and the strange dinner conversations this breeds, so he’d probably barely notice if I took things one step further. He’d do especially well with the blood drinking, since he rarely comments anymore when I consume something from the refrigerator that is long past its due date. Continue reading “The Introvert and the Vampire Agenda”

The Introvert and the Vampire Agenda