SOUL SEEK — coming in October 2021

Past and present conspire against a killer’s future

In a rambling manor house nestled in the Scottish Highlands, smart-aleck American medium Fia and Psychopomp Zackie find a secret passageway that leads to a long-forgotten clan crypt. Among the moldering old bones is a baby’s fresh corpse. Nearby, a hanged man from centuries past plays the babe a lullaby on his fiddle, but her spirit will not be soothed.

When a suspicious Detective Inspector fingers Fia’s childhood friend for the baby’s murder, Fia and her cantankerous mentor Cam must find the real killer. But harnessing the otherworldly talents of stubborn and independent spirits proves tricky. Conflict among the earthbound souls and dark secrets among the living threaten to derail the investigation.

As they close in on the killer, how will Fia and Cam avoid unwanted attention from the DI when their ghostly collaborators bring answers but raise unanswerable questions?

The Zackie Stories of Supernatural Suspense will appeal to fans of BBC One Ghosts, history buffs who enjoy reaching back in time, and to anyone who has ever loved a dog.

The fourth novel of the ZACKIE STORIES.

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Soul SearchSoul Scent, and Soul Sign, novels of supernatural suspense, have been described as Marley & Me meets The Sixth Sense. Readers have praised these novels for the very human stories behind the hauntings that create unexpected plot twists, drama, and even moments of humor. The Zackie Stories are available for purchase as ebook, audiobook, and paperback on Amazon and Audible, and free on Kindle Unlimited.

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SOUL SEEK — coming in October 2021